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Aluminium Scandinavia is the only magazine, in northern Europe, specialized in the use, manufacturing and treatment of aluminium. Aluminium Scandinavia is a digital magazine with more than 6.000 decision-makers who subscribe. Aluminium Scandinavia is the industry’s number one choice in marketing.

For more information about the magazine Aluminium Scandinavia, advertising and how to market your company in northern Europe, contact Business Manager Torbjörn Larsson, e-mail, phone: +46 708 18 81 00,

Advertising Dates 2023

No Publication Materials day Script day
1 2 March 20 February 6 February
2 6 April 20 March 6 March
3 17 May 8 May 1 May
4 21 September 11 September 4 September
5 9 November 26 October 16 October
6 7 December 20 November 16 November

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Technical facts

Batch surface: 185×275 mm
Screen: 150 lines/inch
Material: Files in PDF

Delivery address adverts:

Advertising booking:
Torbjörn Larsson
+46 708 18 81 00

Cancellations: We only accept written cancellations and only if recieved at least four weeks before the last date for delivery of advertising material.

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With each edition of Aluminum Scandinavia, we send out four newsletters – where you as an advertiser are also clearly visible with your logo and link.

With 6.000 subscribers who receive four newsletters per issue, you maximize your exposure through Aluminum Scandinavia.

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